Welcome to JP Stevens High School PTSO
Bringing Parents together

Welcome to JP Stevens High School PTSO

Welcome to JP Stevens PTSO 2018-2019 Family!

High school is a very important time in the lives of teenagers. Beyond the obvious physical changes, emotional and psychological needs of teenagers need to be addressed to ensure their holistic well being. Parenting teenagers in high school is a turning point in the relationship between parents and teenagers. PTSO is a forum for parents to get together to share their parenting successes, concerns and provide support and scope for discussion on matters related to dealing with their teenagers’ stress, anxiety and college preparedness. We run programs such as, Parent Counseling with the school counselors and Parent Mentoring with JPS Alumni parents to help parents.

PTSO raises funds to support events for the students and parents. Funds raised are used to award scholarships to students & support Project Graduation which is the biggest event on the night of the graduation for outgoing seniors. PTSO also organizes other events such as Color Walk/Run and Art competition.

The PTSO is a valuable asset and support to you as a JP Stevens student’s parent. JP Stevens PTSO extends beyond fundraising to provide a platform for ongoing parent collaboration, interaction with school counselors, opportunities for students’ networking with professionals, amongst several initiatives.

Please sign-up for the PTSO membership and support the activities by volunteering your valuable time and inputs. The membership fees is $15/- per family.

PTSO Board Members

Sujata Koduri  (Co-President 2018-2019)

Suparna Sinha (Co-President 2018-2019)


Key Benefits

Parent counseling

Discuss problems, concerns and support you need with school counselors to ensure that your teen stays happy and healthy. Share and ask questions to school counselors on effective strategies for applying to college. Attend meetings with the Counselors from the Guidance Department who provide information on their roles and responsibilities and available resources. They will provide guidance on all aspects of your teens life from college admissions and ways to deal with teenage stress, anger, unhappiness and any other areas of concern.Join the Online Parent counseling group for continued engagement as well as asking questions on participating in discussions.

Support PTSO

With a few clicks, parents can pay membership fees ($15), volunteer, participate in school based activities, boost fundraising efforts.  

Recieve expert tips

Parents receive tips from experts on best strategies for teaching teens to value relationships, strike a balance between relaxation and academics, stand up against bullying, owning up to mistakes, money management, college applications and more.

Parent Collaboration

Collaborate with other parents at your teen's school to create special interest groups for activities. Receive and share recommendations for services such as tutors, summer camps, internship opportunities etc.


Get timely notification of SAT/AP test dates and registration, teacher conferences, activities at school (such as concerts, recitals, field trips etc).

Senior Parent Mentor Program

Connect with parents of seniors and past alumni who will act as mentors and advisors as they have gone through the challenges of school dealing with the stress of high school and college admission process. Share and ask questions to these parent mentors, discuss problems, concerns and support you need in ensuring that you have the right strategies and knowledge of pitfalls to avoid. Learn from them how they dealt with stress and managed to navigate the transition from Freshman to Senior years. Attend meetings as well as connect with them online through our Online Parent Mentor Group.

Career Breakfast

The career breakfast program is a networking opportunity for students to connect with professionals from multiple fields of work. Professionals share work related experiences, courses/classes they took in college and high school to prepare them for their current position.

All about APs

Students who have taken AP exams share their insights on preparation guidelines and time management strategies to parents who's children are planning on taking the AP exams.

Student Volunteer Program

JP Stevens PTSO Organizes many events in which students can volunteer. JP Stevens PTSO Organizes events in which the students can volunteer and will be awarded certificates for their participation as well as eligibility for PTSO scholarships

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